We offer bioanalytical research service using LC/MS/MS technologies for bioanalysis of drug, metabolites, and biomarkers to address DMPK, PK/PD and safety assessments. 

  • Bioanalytical method development.
  • Biomarker analysis in biological fluids and target tissues, including in vivo and in vitro assays for transporters, CYP, and pharmacological biomarkers.
  • Target tissue analysis, e.g. brain, liver, kidney, tumor, heart, bone, ocular tissues, etc.
  • PK analysis in biological fluids, e.g. plasma, blood, CSF, urine, etc.
  • TK analysis and MIST (Metabolite in Safety Testing) coverage assessments.

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Contract Research Services

Customer Oriented & Issue Driven

    We focus on customer needs.  We will work with the clients to design the bioanalysis from the beginning to meet the specific needs and to maximize the value for our clients.