The CEO and founder, Dr. Hongying Gao, is an innovative leader in bioanalysis with a track record in external presentations and publications.  She has over18 year experiences in pharmaceutical and biotech industry; 8-9 year experiences as scientific and group leader in discovery bioanalysis in Pfizer where she initiated collaborations with key scientists to introduce a novel bioanalytical methodology for assessment of safety coverage in animal species and successfully influenced FDA positions on the subject.  Before she joined Pfizer in 2008, she led a group of scientists supporting drug metabolism at Vertex for 5 years.  She also has 2-3 year experiences working in small biotech companies.  Under her leadership, Innovo Bioanalysis aims to be the leader in industry to develop novel methodology and technology in bioanalysis of biomarkers, drug and metabolites through collaborations with academic researchers, mass spectrometry companies and colleagues in pharmaceutical and biotech industry.   


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